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Next level system performance

Proven strategies for upgrading computer, Internet and LAN Wi-Fi networks

Help any place,
Sunday to Friday

In home and private, secure remote desktop services are available

No Hidden Charges!
Know Before You Pay


$ 20.00
  • Free?

    In house or remote diagnostics are free if completed in 20 minutes.

  • TeamViewer Support

    Please download TeamViewer Remote Desktop for private, secure access over a highspeed internet connection.

  • Install any critical updates to your software

Malware Removal

$ 50.00
  • Full System Scan
  • OS problems repair
  • Data Backup & Restore
  • 24/6 Support

LAN-WiFi Repair

$ 75.00
  • Modem & Router Setup
  • We'll connect your devices
  • Recommend Solutions for dead spots

System Upgrades

$ 150.00
  • Free Estimates
  • Parts Sourcing

    We source the parts, send you an invoice for parts and labor.

  • Ensure system stability
  • Typical 48 hr. turnaround

I read other reviews and decided to give Aphek Tech a chance and I could not be happier with this experience! I thought this process would take weeks but the turnaround was so fast, I still can't believe it! He was very nice about communication, kept me in the loop the entire time! His prices CANT be beat! I feel very lucky to have found him! I cant thank you enough! Thank you so much!

Nita A. Walker Computer Repair, Connectivity, and Remote Support
Nita A. Walker HP 15 Touchscreen, Windows 10 Notebook

I had a Dell Laptop with a malfunctioning fan that would make a seriously irritating noise while I work. I finally decided to get it fixed and called Aphek Tech. A tech came out, picked up my laptop, and about a couple hours later he calls me with the specs of my laptop. He recommended that I upgrade from my Western Digital 1TB mechanical HD to a Solid State Drive to make it faster. All this while he’s already fixing the fan! I got it back about 2-3 days later completely repaired. There was no more irritating noise, it has a 1TB SSD, and the boot up time is way down, and read/write speeds from rendering my graphic edits is way quicker! Great services - I highly recommend!

Computer Repair, Connectivity, and Remote Support
itzLegendix Dell Inspiron 5000 Series Notebook

I was referred by a close friend of mines and was truly satisfied with my experience. He was very professional and told me everything that was being done on my computer. I would recommend them to anyone.

Nikita Landers Computer Repair, Connectivity, and Remote Support
Nikita Landers HP 15 Notebook PC

Windows 10 Self Help