Trend Micro CWShredder is the premier tool to find and remove traces of CoolWebSearch - the name for a wide range of insidious browser hijackers - from your PC.

CWShredder removes these browser hijackers. CoolWebSearch installs dozens of bookmarks - mostly to porn Web sites - on your desktop, changes your home page without asking, and continually changes it back if you attempt to correct it. Furthermore, it significantly slows down the performance of your PC, and introduces modifications which cause Microsoft Windows to freeze, crash or randomly reboot.

Since the program was added to our catalog in 2005, it has already reached 41,073 downloads, and last week it achieved 27 downloads.The current version of the software is 2.19 and was updated on 12/15/2005. CoolWebShredder (CWShredder) is available for users with the operating system Windows 98 and former versions, and it is available in English. CoolWebShredder (CWShredder) is a not that heavy software that does not require as much free space than many software in the section Security software. It's a program very heavily used in countries such as United States, Romania, and United Kingdom.

How to use

First let's download CWShredder.

Click on the part titled "Remove CoolWebSearch" at the bottom of the page to start downloading CWShredder.exe.

Please close all applications such as browsers after downloading, and then click CWShredder.exe to launch it. Please click "FIX" in the lower right when starting up. An orange dashed line is a choice of whether to discard the detected CoolWebSearch in the trash can. Normally you can leave it checked, but please be careful not to start CoolWebSearch discarded in the recycle bin.


A warning message to close Internet Explorer · Media Player will be displayed. Let's finish the work if you are still opening Internet Explorer or media player. Click "OK" to start scanning.
Confirm whether the buzzer is closed

It starts checking whether it is infected with CoolWebSearch. When the scrolling of the scan stops, click "Next" in the lower right.
CWShredder check.

Finally click on Exit. This completes detection and removal of CoolWebSearch.
Quit CWShredder

Rescan in safe mode

Some spyware resides in memory or changes form to prevent the discovery of disinfectant software from being found. We recommend that you scan once in safe mode to find those spyware and clean them.

Safe mode is one of starting methods of WINDOWS, it starts with only the minimum number of drivers so it is hard to get in the way of spyware, increasing the possibility of finding and removing spyware.

Even if you can not start CWShredder itself, you may be able to start it in safe mode.

How to activate safe mode

  1. Turn on the PC, when the manufacturer logo or the BIOS screen is displayed.
  2. The WINDOWS activation method selection screen is displayed, so select "Safe mode" or "Safe mode".
  3. If startup in safe mode is successful, start CWShredder and search & clean it.

If it is too late or too early that the CTRL key or the F8 key is kept pressed, the startup method selection screen will be set to normal startup instead. In some cases it is easier to succeed by hitting a key more frequently than you press it, so if you can not figure out the timing to keep it pressed down please try it too.

Also, depending on the manufacturer, you need to press a different key, so in that case please refer to the manual of the personal computer.