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Vizio 2013 Tutorials: Core Concepts

Microsoft Office Visio 2013 is rich with new tools to assist in creating rich, data-connected diagrams faster and easier than ever before. With this Tips and Tricks session you will gain the insight and insider information to quickly and easily create, edit, maintain, and publish Visio diagrams and visualize your important corporate data and processes. You will learn shortcuts for productivity, techniques for high quality presentation and tools for collaborative use of your mission-critical diagrams. In this session you will learn the following critical features:
Visio User Settings
Creating Connected Diagrams
Working with Auto-Layout
Working with Dynamic Connectors
Working with Connection Points
Diagram Navigation Shortcuts
Alignment and Distribution Toolss
Working with Swimlanes
Brainstorming Diagrams
Manually Created OrgCharts
Automated OrgCharts
Intro to Data Graphics
Printing Visio Diagrams
Publishing to HTML
Publishing to .PDF
Publishing to Image Formats
Publishing to SharePoint
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